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Linda Reedy, MSW, LCSW


Intervention 180 found Linda highly qualified in the field of addiction and mental health services. She has witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of addiction having grown up in an alcoholic family. Linda was originally a law student until she lost someone she loved very much in a drunk driving crash. It was at that time she decided to do something to help others who have suffered the pain and devastation caused by the disease of addiction.

Linda has earned an Associate degree in Liberal Arts at San Diego Mesa College, a Bachelor of Art Degree in Sociology from the University of California San Diego, and a Masters Degree in Social Work at San Diego State University. She then completed two years of post-graduate work to be eligible for the Licensed Clinical Social Worker exams and has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2006. Linda is also trained in EMDR I&II.

Linda's first professional work in the field of addiction was in 1996 as a substance abuse peer counselor for UCSD Psychological and Counseling Services. She next interned at a day treatment center working with individuals suffering from mental health and addiction issues. She has since worked as a mental health professional, a substance abuse mental health intern, and a research science specialist for a substance abuse mental health research project and as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for an Alcohol and Drug Treatment program.

Linda has since found a passion for the field of intervention. She has been trained in the Johnson, Systemic and Family Meeting Intervention models. Her philosophy regarding intervention is, why wait until someone drowns before throwing them a life preserver? Her genuine compassion shines through in her work as an interventionist. She truly is an asset to Intervention 180 and the families she serves.